Mario Kart Tour details and images leaked from closed beta test

Mario Kart Tour leaks

Back in April, it was announced that an Android-only closed beta for Nintendo’s upcoming mobile game, Mario Kart Tour, would launch from May 22 to June 4 in Japan and the U.S. The closed beta began today, but we’ve already been offered and slew of leaked photos and details for this free-to-play mobile title.

According to a ResetEra thread of players who had access to the beta, the game will be played in portrait mode (like all other current Nintendo mobile titles) and will feature and auto-acceleration mechanic. Players will only have to steer their kart by swiping left or right on their mobile devices, with no dedicated acceleration button available. This makes driving an easy task, and the game’s focus being solely on not crashing. The game is a 115MB download.

Players are also noting that only retro tracks seem to be available, though that may be subject to change come this summer’s release. Tracks confirmed by players so far include (3DS) Toad Circuit, (GCN) Dino Dino Jungle, (DS) Luigi’s Mansion, (3DS) Mario Circuit and (SNES) Choco Island 2. Each round of Mario Kart will be two laps long. The “gatcha” mechanic in Mario Kart Tour, which is typically the only reason to spend money on Nintendo’s mobile games, is available for unlocking new characters. Each character will have their own uniquely special item that offers distinct advantages. The amount of items a player can hold is unique to the character being used. It’s also noted that Luigi is a rare character.

Speaking of characters, there’s a large pool to choose from. Here’s the 30-character roster so far:


  1. Mario
  2. Luigi
  3. Peach
  4. Daisy
  5. Rosalina
  6. Toad
  7. Toadette
  8. Yoshi
  9. Wario
  10. Waluigi
  11. Bowser
  12. Donkey Kong
  13. Koopa Troopa
  14. Shy Guy
  15. Dry Bones
  16. King Boo
  17. Baby Mario
  18. Baby Luigi
  19. Baby Peach
  20. Baby Daisy
  21. Baby Rosalina
  22. Metal Mario
  23. Dry Bowser
  24. Larry
  25. Lemmy
  26. Ludwig
  27. Wendy
  28. Morton
  29. Iggy
  30. Roy

leaked mario kart tour image Mario Kart Tour leaked image Mario Kart Tour leaked image

Players will get five races per hour. Hearts are spent to race and each user has five to start with. Hearts take 15 minutes to recharge, which averages out to around five races per hour. There’s 50cc, 100cc, 150cc and 200cc races. Characters also get a special item boost depending on which circuit is played. Toad or Toadette, for example, are offered a three-item slot for Toad Circuit, but have one-item slot otherwise. Luigi has the same item bonus on Luigi’s Mansion.

And yes, drifting is a thing.

Mario Kart Tour will release this summer for mobile devices.



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