An official Mario Kart racing wheel is coming to Switch

Mario Kart wheel

In Mario Kart news that isn’t about Mario Kart Tour‘s depressing paywalls, Hori is making an officially-licensed Mario racing wheel for Switch. The wheel, which drifts onto Switch in Japan this November, will come in standard and deluxe editions, will be compatible with both Switch and PC, and even comes with a foot pedal. The standard edition is priced at approximately $65 while the deluxe version will run $130. Unfortunately, there is no confirmation of a Western release just yet.

For some serious Mario Kart (or, uh, some other racing game where these features are way more applicable), the Mario-themed wheel comes with remappable buttons, deadzone adjustment, and a reality adjustment to alter the wheel’s turning radius. The deluxe edition of the racing wheel, pictured below, comes with extra accessories like suction cups and a locking mechanism that can easily fix the wheel to surfaces like a desk. Finally, the wheel will maintain Joy-Con and Pro Controller capacities, so you can now work on your Dark Souls racing wheel runs with an officially licensed Switch controller.

Mario Kart

The Mario Kart wheel will only work on Switches in docked mode, but a USB attachment with Switch Lite compatibility is already in development. Whether or not that will affect handheld mode on OG Switch systems is unclear.

It seems odd that it has taken this long for an officially-licensed racing wheel accessory for Switch, especially because it is based on Mario Kart, which launched a Switch entry over two years ago. Still, better late than never, right?


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