Zoom: Reality and video games merge in Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit

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Well, that came out of nowhere. Nintendo decided to honor the 35th anniversary of Super Mario. Bros. with a Direct this morning. Contained within the bevy of announcements was the reveal of a new Switch Mario Kart game: Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit. However, this title is unique in that it blends your surroundings with kart racing goodness, both physically and digitally.

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit is going to lead to bruised feet and shins

The best way to describe the upcoming racer is through video:

Nintendo has partnered with Velan Studios to create this mixed reality experience. Gamers will be able to race on the Switch while a real-life kart follows your every move. The cool thing is the physical kart will respond to boosts you pick up in-game and will also stop when you are hit with an item (too bad it doesn’t flip crazily in the air after getting hammered with a Blue Shell). Players only need to utilize special gates to construct their courses; everything else is displayed via the Switch screen.

Home Circuit will feature modes like a Grand Prix, costumes to unlock, and customizable courses. Up to four players can race locally. Two different kart/game sets, one with Mario and the other with Luigi, launch on October 16 for $99.99.

Enthusiasts, will you be blasting off with Mario Kart Live: Home CircuitĀ later this year? Let us know below!

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