Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit update improves camera for indoor racing

update Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit launch trailer Velan Studios

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit was a shift in a different direction for Nintendo’s kart racing series. The augmented reality spin on Mario Kart from Velan Studios moved the racing to your living room floor, providing quite a unique experience. However, there are some minor issues that still need ironing out, and Nintendo is starting to make some changes.

Update 1.0.1 is the first update for Mario Kart Live, and it introduces one core change. The camera settings are being altered so that the game is easier to play in strong indoor lighting. The official patch notes are available via the Nintendo Japan support page, which per Japanese Nintendo states that the kart itself will be updated once it’s reconnected to the game.

Mario Kart Live launched earlier this month, tasking players with turning their living room into a race track. It’s something we always wanted to do as kids to be honest, and Nintendo is fulfilling that dream. The way the game utilities physical gates to map the track while the rest of the experience is on the Switch screen is something we never imagined.

It’s great to see Nintendo and Velan Studios provide continued support though. It wasn’t absolutely certain whether it would get updates like standard releases, so to see the first one drop within two weeks is encouraging.

Is there another update you’d like to see Nintendo make to Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit?


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