Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit reveals its awesome modes and gameplay

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit gameplay overview trailer developer interview video Velan Studios Nintendo

Velan Studios’ Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit has received two new videos divulging concrete details about how all of the game modes, physical assembly, and gameplay work. This hybrid video game / augmented reality (AR) home kart racing experience seems a lot more intuitive than its reveal trailer from Nintendo had suggested.

Directly below is the official Nintendo overview trailer, and further below is a developer interview video.

Creating a course inĀ Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit is surprisingly simple: Just assemble the four included gates, place them in your room, and drive your kart through them in numerical order. The specific path you take to drive through the gates — whether simple or complex — will become the game course! It is recommended to have at least a 10′ x 12′ space though.

In Grand Prix mode, you’ll race against Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings in “locations” like Cheep Cheep Reef, Ember Island, and Boo Fortress. Different courses add different obstacles and screen effects. Racing classes range from 50cc to 200cc, and a lot of classic items you remember will be here to use in Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit. You can even activate Mirror Mode to reverse your home! And yes, there are Time Trials as well.

In Custom Race mode, you can customize original courses, including class, music, and gate customization, among other factors. For an easier, casual driving experience, you can turn on “smart steering,” which prevents you from veering off course even if you’re not steering (perfect for the really young kids). Up to four players can race if each player has a physical Mario or Luigi car and a Nintendo Switch, which notably carries a high cost to entry.

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit Mario Set and Luigi Set are available Oct. 16 for $99.99 each. Four gates, two arrow signboards, and a USB charging cable are included. The game software itself is digital and must be downloaded.

In the developer interview video, Velan Studios CEO Karthik Bala and President Guha Bala, among others, talk about their motivation and development stories with Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit, as well as the enthusiasm Nintendo has had for the project ever since Velan approached the company with it. In a nutshell, these guys really like RC cars, and they’re working hard to deliver an awesome and unique “mixed reality” racing game experience. Velan further has behind-the-scenes and gameplay blog posts about development.

What are your feelings on Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit so far?

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