Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit 2.0 update is out, adds Split-Screen Mode

2-player Split-Screen Mode Relay Race Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit Version 2.0 Update Trailer

Nintendo and developer Velan Studios have announced that the Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit version 2.0 update is available now, adding several excellent new features to the game. Chiefly, the Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit version 2.0 update adds the ability to “race up to two karts against each other on one Nintendo Switch in Split-Screen Mode,” which is fantastic, but it also adds a Relay Race Mode.

Here’s how Relay Race Mode works in Mario Kart Live:

In the new Relay Race Mode, two to four players can play with one Mario or Luigi Kart and one Nintendo Switch system, taking turns as the game changes between players in an eight-lap race!* The software update also adds a new Cup – the Luigi Cup – with unlockable course customizations and three new courses: Windmill Meadows, Music Broadway and King Boo’s Courtyard. Place high enough in all three courses to unlock a new in-game kart customization: Luigi’s Poltergust!

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit launched back in October 2020 as an augmented reality racing game that sold in two separate versions, one that came with a physical Mario Kart toy and another that came with a Luigi Kart toy. It basically transforms your home into a Mario Kart track, but by retailing at $99.99, it hasn’t been cheap. However, starting November 21, its suggested retail price is dropping to $59.99 as part of Nintendo Black Friday deals. That’s a much more attractive price, and combined with the fact that the version 2.0 update adds split-screen support for two players / karts on one Nintendo Switch, Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit is suddenly the hottest deal it’s ever been.

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