Mario Kart 8 Premium Bundles Race Toward Europe & Australia

Earlier this morning, Nintendo of Europe, followed by Nintendo of Australia,  officially revealed the Mario Kart 8 Premium Pack, a special edition Wii U deluxe bundle featuring the upcoming kart racer, to be available on May 30th.

Alongside the standard and limited edition versions of Mario Kart 8, players also have the option to grab an entirely new console with this bundle. At £249.99, the Premium Pack comes with a deluxe 32GB Wii U console, Gamepad, and even a Nintendo Network Premium membership.

If you want to splurge a bit more, Nintendo is also offering two additional versions of the Premium Pack. At £299.99, you can grab a Mario or Luigi themed bundle. The extra goodies may just be worth it – the packs come with the entire Premium Pack, a Wii U racing wheel, Gamepad protector, a Wii Remote Plus, Prime guide, and a hat. The racing wheel, Gamepad protector, Remote Plus, and hat are customized differently depending on which of the Mario Bros. you choose.

Europeans will also be able to deck out their Wii Remote lineup with some new assets. Two new character Wii Remotes are expected to launch alongside Mario Kart 8 and its many bundles. Princess Peach’s previously announced Wii Remote, decked out in pink, will join a new Yoshi-themed Remote on European shelves.

So far, these bundles have not been announced in Japan, North America, or elsewhere in the world.

Dakota Lasky