Mario Kart 8 tracks modded into Microsoft’s Flight Simulator

Mario Kart 8

Microsoft’s Flight Simulator pretty much recreated planet Earth, sure, but modder Illogicoma recreated several popular Mario Kart 8 tracks within the in-depth flight sim. Frankly, the Mario Kart tracks sound a bit more exciting to fly around in to me (even if flying over my childhood house sounds pretty cool).


The tracks do not have any of the same functionality as they do in Mario Kart 8 – there is no collision, no checkpoints, no coins and items, or any other sort of interactivity. Basically, the mod involves uploading models of the tracks into Microsoft’s Flight Simulator and then suspending them in the sky so that players can fly through them at their leisure. To make it happen, Illogicoma grabbed models of the tracks from a model repository called The Models Resource. Using the Blender2MSFS add-on, they were able to upload the models into Blender and export them into Microsoft’s Flight Simulator, at which point they could load up flights and take an airborn tour of some of Mario Kart 8‘s most iconic courses. You can see the mods in action in the video below starting at 3:26.

Microsoft’s Flight Simulator is an incredibly cool project on its own. It’s wonderful to imagine what sort of amazing, fantastical ways that modders can expand upon Microsoft’s digital recreation of the world as we know it. Mario Kart 8‘s wonderful tracks are a great starting point, but plenty of other iconic video game locations would be very cool to fly over – Skyloft, anyone?


Nick Pearson
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