Super Mario Happy Meal toys land in North America

Super Mario Happy Meal toys

Back in the early ’90s, McDonald’s brought us toys from Super Mario Bros. 3. Since then, we’ve seen them come and go. Now we are getting new Super Mario Happy Meal toys to collect in North America. Eight different ones, to be exact!

We will, of course, see Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and other famous characters from the games in the collection. McDonald’s has done collaborations with movie tie-ins and another famous Nintendo franchise before — Pokémon. This, however, does bring back some nostalgia. You can check out a video of the toys up close and personal from when they hit stores in the UK.

Peach fans can rejoice as the Mushroom Kingdom Princess is getting two separate toys! They look pretty sweet and I am sure the kid in all of us will just head on over to buy them (or maybe just to grab a McFlurry during this hot summer). Keep an eye out at your local McDonald’s for these items coming to you soon.

I know kids these days have a choice between a toy or a book, but for the Mario fan, this is a no-brainer! For more info, you can head on over to McDonald’s website.

Tarah Bleier