Mario Golf: Super Rush updates, adds characters, modes, and courses

Mario Golf: Super Rush update

It’s that time of year. The season of giving and receiving. And what better gift to get than a free one? Mario Golf: Super Rush has us covered, as the sport’s title has received a free update. Now at version 4.0.0, the game has added Wiggler and Shy Guy as playable characters, has two new courses, and even boasts an extra two modes.

Mario Golf: Super Rush update

This is the last free update for Mario Golf

Here is a list of all the additions:

  • Shy Guy (character) – has evenly balanced stats, perfect for beginners.
  • Wiggler (character) – is super strong, will get increased stats if hit and becomes angry.
  • Shelltop Sanctuary (course) – can play 18 holes with par 3.
  • All-Star Summit (course) – made up of coins, clouds, and blocks from the Mario series.
  • Target Golf (mode) – up to four players hit the ball at a target.
  • One-On, One-Putt Solo Challenge (mode) – sink the ball in two shots, one to hit the green and the other to sink the ball.

Also, Super Rush has gained some balance adjustments and fixes to make the game a tighter experience.

Mario Golf: Super Rush update

Enthusiasts, will you be booting up Mario Golf: Super Rush again to nab this free update? Let us know below.

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