Mario Golf: Super Rush team wanted a course as big as Hyrule Field

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Nintendo Dream, a Japanese magazine, recently held an interview with some members of Mario Golf: Super Rush developer Camelot. The discussion covered several topics, but at one point turned to Camelot’s ideas for the proper scope of the game. Thanks to a translation from Nintendo Everything, we are able to view an excerpt of the interview in which producer Hiroyuki Takahashi and director Shugo Takahashi discussed just how big they wanted the courses to get in Mario Golf: Super Rush. Check it out below.

S. Takahashi: The courses are huge, too. We got technical support from Nintendo for this game.

H. Takahashi: The fields of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild were incredible, weren’t they? With the Speed Golf concept being a focus for this game, something we considered for a long time was putting all 18 holes on one course. (laughs)

Nintendo Dream: In past games the screen had to be changed every hole, but the transitions between the holes in this game are much smoother.

S. Takahashi: I’ll admit I always wanted to do this, but technology at the time of each previous entry never allowed for it. Especially in the Mario Golf 64 era (laughs).

S. Takahashi: We only show it in a small part of the game, but we really wanted to make a game where you hit the ball anywhere on the vast courses. A game where if you hit the ball as far as the next hole, you’d have to go and hit it all the way back. A map the size of Hyrule Field was our goal, and the Zelda team at Nintendo shared ideas with us as to how we could get there.

H. Takahashi: Thanks to their help, Mario Golf was able to evolve. I think it’s specifically because of the maps that we were able to rework the shot system.

It is interesting to see how much Camelot worked with unlikely sources at Nintendo to make their visions as much of a reality as possible. While we found that Mario Golf: Super Rush mostly played it safe and gave it a 6 out of 10 in our review, many of the game’s courses are still enjoyable, and with DLC like the recent free New Donk City update, we may see more fruits of Camelot’s desire for massive Nintendo golf courses in the near future.


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