Mario Golf: Super Rush comes to Nintendo Switch this summer

To think, it has already been 17 years since the last home entry on home consoles! Just revealed during today’s full-length Nintendo Direct, Mario Golf: Super Rush will have players return to familiar greens later this year.

The game will boast traditional and motion controls, and introduce a bevy of new gameplay modes. One such mode introduced in the trailer, “Speed Golf,” starts each round with all golfers teeing off simultaneously, and must take full advantage of items and terrain to reach the end of the course. Mario Golf: Super Rush will also feature a dedicated story mode starring Mii characters, complete with RPG-inspired growth mechanics; choose how to better your golfer via allocating points towards specific stats!

Those eager to secure a copy the moment June 25 comes around can preorder Super Rush digitally via the eShop. See the game in action in the announcement trailer below!

Are you looking forward to Mario Golf: Super Rush? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Nintendo Direct

Jeffrey McDonell
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