Mario featured heavily in Nintendo hiring ads for 2D and 3D game development

Nintendo 2D development ad

Nintendo has posted two new hiring ads for development of 2D and 3D games on its Twitter. Both ads feature an image of Mario, potentially suggesting that there are new Super Mario games in development. The ad for 3D game development contains a stock image of Mario pushed down to the corner, while the 2D ad features a collage of classic Super Mario stages.

According to WCCF Tech, the 3D ad is listed for Tokyo, while the 2D ad is listed for Kyoto. Nintendo’s Tokyo studio, EPD Production Group No. 8, was responsible for Super Mario Odyssey. We shouldn’t take this as confirmation of a new Super Mario game in development, though – the advertisements make no direct mention of any franchise.

Still, it’s been roughly two years since Super Mario Odyssey released, so this makes for an appealing rumor. As for 2D games, Super Mario Maker 2 is still going strong. At this rate, it wouldn’t really surprise me if we got Super Mario Maker 3 right off the bat.

If we’re only seeing recruitment ads, it may be a while before we hear any concrete news of development, let alone official announcements. Let us know in the comments what you think these games might be.

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