Mario Super Jumps onto Edge Magazine’s 25th Anniversary cover

Mario special cover

UK video game magazine Edge is celebrating 25 years in print, and what better way to commemorate the occasion than by having special subscriber covers!

Nintendo’s Mario, along with Street Fighter’s Guile, Halo’s Master Chief…helmet, and Dark Souls’ Solaire, are the four characters gracing Issue #323. The magazine is starting to hit mailboxes in the UK, though U.S. subscribers like myself will have to wait a month before it hits our shores.

Dave White is the artist behind these unique covers, and they are breathtaking. His pictures look straight out of a canvas, with color splashes creating a style I’ve never seen. Any cover will be a pleasure to have in one’s collection.

If you can’t decide which art you like best, Edge has you covered. A box set containing all four variants is available for pre-order, and the stock is limited. The best thing about the box set is it removes the masthead, so David’s art can be fully appreciated.

Mario special cover

As an Edge reader for years, I’m excited to obtain one of these masterpieces in the future. Anyone pre-ordering the whole set or patiently waiting on the Mario cover because it’s clearly the best? Let us know in the comments below!

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