A cappella: Nintendo airs video that features fans singing the main theme from Super Mario Bros.

Mario Bros.

World 1 – 1 from Super Mario Bros. It’s one of the most recognizable stages in video game history, a fact that remains proven to this day. However, the level would be nothing without its music. The song that accompanies the area is known by both gamers and non-gamers alike. Its catchy melody is at the forefront of Nintendo’s new commercial celebrating the game’s 35th anniversary.

People young and old remember the iconic Super Mario Bros. jingle

See the celebration of a fantastic tune below:


Heartwarming stuff. Cheers to the kid who brought in a xylophone to mix up the mostly a cappella affair. Also, the beatboxing segment was a nice touch.

Eagle-eyed viewers may notice the “Participants compensated” disclaimer at the start of the clip. While I feel the majority of the actors know the importance of the Super Mario Bros. main theme, some of the adults look slightly confused. It’s fair to say these individuals were only in it for the money. Way to sell out, grandpa!

Enthusiasts, did you enjoy this video showcasing the Super Mario Bros. theme? What are your earliest memories of hearing it, and how did it affect you? Let us know in the comment field below!


Arthur Damian
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