Here we go again: Round two of Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary collectible pin set revealed

Mario anniversary pin set

Back in September of 2020, the first round of the Mario anniversary pin set was made available for distribution. The rollout did not go well. Hopefully, Nintendo of America has learned how to work out the kinks because a separate pin set is going to come out soon. It celebrates Mario’s more modern titles, ranging from Super Mario Sunshine to Super Mario Odyssey. Completing the requirements to obtain these pins, however, is going to be harder this time around.

I’d like to see a Mario anniversary pin set that doesn’t sell out within seconds this time

Like before, gamers have to complete various missions in order to become eligible for the pins. While five missions had to be conquered in order to get a crack at the first set, this time 15 have to be beaten.

The good news is any missions fans completed in the past count towards progression on the new set. The bad news is, out of the 20 missions listed on the Nintendo website, a handful have ended. These were game-specific, so not only did players need to own a copy of Super Mario Maker 2 or download Super Mario Kart Tour, they needed to complete the challenges sometime last year for the CHANCE to get the new pins. I can’t even enter this contest!

If you want to be entered in the sweepstakes for the second pin set, hopefully, you’ve completed some missions already. Keep in mind you need to purchase a copy of the upcoming Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury. Its proof of purchase is part of the 15 missions that need to be done. Pins will be distributed sometime after the title’s launch.

Enthusiasts, will you be bothering with this chance to get the second Mario anniversary pin set? Or were you burned out over last year’s mess? Let us know below.

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