Cutting room: Mario 64 beta enemy added back in via PC modification

Mario 64

Just a little while ago, there was a massive source leak from a variety of Nintendo titles. As the days pass, more and more information is coming to light regarding cut content, many of which are from the Nintendo 64 era. One of the concepts left behind is an enemy called Motos, who was going to appear in Super Mario 64. Thanks to the magic of PC modification, it can now tussle with the jumping plumber from Brooklyn.

If I saw Motos in Super Mario 64, I’d run away screaming

Gaze upon the arbiter of destruction below:

Ye gods, that thing is terrifying. My 11-year-old self couldn’t handle seeing this monstrosity, so I am glad it was cut from the final game.

Modders Arthurtilly¬†(code) and AWiseguyEh (model & animation) are responsible for bringing Motos into the 3D adventure. Arthurtilly contends Lethal Lava Land is where Motos was set to appear, and it was likely replaced by the Big Bullies. Motos shares attacks with King Bob-omb, so that’s probably why it was removed entirely. It’s a shame because Motos is a formidable foe. There is nothing more alarming than being thrown into lava and invisible walls with reckless abandon.

Enthusiasts, does the lost Motos from Super Mario 64 give you chills? Let us know what you think of this forgotten enemy by leaving a comment below.

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