Chomp into this Maneater Switch launch trailer


After a long wait, Maneater is out now on Switch. Developers Tripwire Interactive celebrated the occasion with a shiny new launch trailer that showcases this visceral feeding frenzy at its finest. Check it out below (the video is age-restricted, however, so you may have to follow the link to YouTube).

Maneater has already been out on other systems for a while – long enough that it’s been a PS+ title for PlayStation owners and appeared on Game Pass for Xbox owners. Regardless, I’m sure that many gamers will appreciate playing this self-proclaimed “ShARkPG” on a portable system, but that $39.99 price tag is still pretty steep compared to its more accessible status on other consoles.

While Maneater did not initially blow the world away with killer review scores, the game has earned a cult following for its unshakable focus on pure, unadulterated chaos and fun. Turns out that eating stuff to evolve your shark onto the top of the food chain is fun. Who knew? Now that the game has launched on Switch, that fanbase should only grow.

Are you picking up Maneater on Switch? Have you already played it elsewhere? If this isn’t your first exposure to the game, what did you think of playing it? Let us know in the comments section below.

Nick Pearson
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