Man beats Dark Souls with controller made out of pizza

Dark Souls Pizza Hut controller mod Super Louis 64 SuperLouis64

Game developer and controller modder Super Louis 64 has done something utterly ordinary: beat Dark Souls with a controller made out of Pizza Hut pizza. As he explained in a quick video clip, he uses a special board “along with some wires, and I plugged them into each pizza slice. Each pizza slice is its own button. For example, I have pizza for movement, and then I have pizzas for attacking and dodging.” And in order to heal in-game, he had to take an actual bite of pizza, which is an unusually excellent incentive to take some damage. Watch the clip below and enjoy the majesty of beating Dark Souls with a pizza controller.

The whole point of the tech that Super Louis 64 used is to turn ordinary (or not so ordinary) objects into controllers, so Pizza Hut pizza is merely one of the greasier, messier options he could have selected. Nonetheless, that doesn’t take away from the fact that Dark Souls is really hard with a normal controller, so beating it with a whole squadron of pizza buttons is still a pretty awesome (and mildly ridiculous) feat.

“For twenty dollars, I was able to beat Dark Souls and have a good meal at the same time,” concluded Super Louis. That sounds like a stellar Friday to us. Let us know what you think of it.

John Friscia
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