Man arrested for possession of ecstasy tablets shaped like Wario

Wario ecstasy

Wario has been known to cheat, steal, and gamble, but drug use might be a bit much for even him. However, in Tokushima, Japan, a man was recently arrested for carrying ecstasy tablets shaped like Mario’s sneaky nemesis.

Wario ecstasy

Kobe Customs found 27-year-old Satoshi Kishimoto carrying 50 ecstasy tablets, most of which were Wario-shaped. MDMA, more commonly known as ecstasy or “molly,” is a psychoactive party drug commonly found in tablet form. As any American reader who took D.A.R.E. classes probably knows, “fun” tablet shapes are common. Pikachu-shaped tablets are very popular. This incident in Japan isn’t even the first reported use of the Wario design.

This begs a few questions. Firstly, should authorities be surprised that these tablets exist when Mario himself is addicted to mushrooms? And secondly, is molly called “Wolly” when it’s shaped like Wario?

WAH-t the heck was he thinking?

Funny as the Wario tablets themselves are, getting caught with drugs in Japan is no laughing matter. The stigma around drugs in Japan is much more intense than in many Western nations. Notably, Pierre Taki was completely patched out of Japanese releases of Judgment and Kingdom Hearts III due to the actor’s alleged cocaine use, and an English teacher was arrested for possessing imported Adderall, which is illegal in Japan.

Considering the harsh punishments for people caught once, one can only imagine how intensely Kishimoto will be punished. The Wario ecstasy incident is actually the third time in the past few months that Kishimoto was caught with recreational drugs. Kishimoto was previously convicted of having both LSD and five grams of cannabis in his home. While there’s no word on his sentence yet, it might be a long time before he gets to play another Super Mario game.


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