Making The Witcher special drops on Netflix

The Witcher Season 3 Making The Witcher: Blood Origin Netflix live-action series prequel six parts 1200 years first witcher origin story Declan de Barra and Lauren Schmidt Hissrich

Making The Witcher, a new special that explores all of the planning and work that went into shifting The Witcher from a series of books to a live-action show, is now available on Netflix. Check out the official trailer below.

If you can’t wait for more out of this series, then the 32-minute behind-the-scenes look provided by Making The Witcher should be up your alley.

The Witcher is a certified hit for Netflix – despite releasing towards the end of December, the show’s first season was Netflix’s sixth most popular title of 2019. Parlaying off of its confidence in the show, Netflix greenlit season two before season one even debuted, and in the months since its impressive success, Netflix ordered an “anime film” set in the franchise, to be made by the studio behind Legend of Korra, and just last month, Netflix additionally confirmed a six-part live-action prequel series titled The Witcher: Blood Origin. With all of this content on the way, it’s no surprise to see smaller treats like Making the Witcher dropping by surprise.

Have you caught the first season of this popular show? How did you like it? Will you be watching more of Netflix’s explorations of the property? Will you tune in to check out Making the Witcher? Let us know in the comments below.

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