Majora’s Mask statue from First 4 Figures available for Best Buy preorder

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In June, First 4 Figures teased its Majora’s Mask statue from The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask on Nintendo 64. The teasing is almost finished now, as the company has announced that the Majora’s Mask PVC Standard Edition is now available to preorder at Best Buy, where it will be “available exclusively” in the United States. The statue is listed for $59.99 on the Best Buy website, with a Nov. 15 release date, and it is being sold under the Dark Horse Comics brand.

Those who scrutinize the preview images of the Majora’s Mask PVC Standard Edition may notice the eyes aren’t in exact alignment; that’s because it’s just a “hand-painted prototype.” First 4 Figures promises the final product will “have the eyes perfectly aligned.” Additionally, this 10″ statue will be mountable on the wall, if you don’t want to keep it on its included stand.

Although First 4 Figures says this Majora’s Mask PVC Standard Edition is exclusive to Best Buy, there is a separate “The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask Collector’s Edition” listed on Amazon for $83.99 that comes with LED lighting and a motion sensor feature. It is (currently, at least) listed for release on Sept. 7, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that changes.

If you need help keeping all the different versions of this Majora’s Mask statue straight before you preorder, give the video below a quick watch.


John Friscia
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