Magicant, Retro F-Zero Stages Confirmed for Smash Bros. 3DS

Japanese players with early copies of the anticipated Super Smash Bros. for 3DS have taken to the Internet with live-streamed broadcasts of their play. So far, we\’ve seen some new information that hasn\’t been announced officially, as well as a few new locales as our these players journey through the game.

For new stages on the 3DS version, Magicant from Mother 1 and Mother 2 joins the fray, as well as a new retro-styled F-Zero stage.


Representing the Mother series, Magicant is a pink-hued, multi-tiered stage with an unmistakable reference to its own games. The stage does not have a main platform, but rather multiple platforms scattered across the screen of different sizes and shapes.


Retro gamers will love the new F-Zero stage, which feels ripped right from the game itself. Fighters duke it out on pixelated racers as you zoom around the track at top speeds. It seems like quite the successor to Mute City.

Keep an eye out for more Smash news at it lands, which will surely be a lot as the night goes on.

Dakota Lasky