Luigi’s Mansion Spaceworld 2000 demo footage discovered

Luigi's Mansion Spaceworld 2000 demo footage

Luigi’s Mansion was one of the most memorable games on Nintendo GameCube, serving as a lunch title in lieu of a traditional Mario game. Over a year before the game was released, Nintendo brought a demo of it to Spaceworld 2000 in Japan. We’ve known about the existence of this demo for many years, but it seemed to be lost to time. Only brief snippets and blurry screenshots existed… until recently. After being contacted by “die-hard fans,” longtime media exec Adam Doree dug through his vault and found the long-lost Luigi’s Mansion Spaceworld 2000 demo footage. you can check it out below!

Luigi’s Mansion Spaceworld 2000 demo footage

A blast from the past

The first 45 seconds of the video is the Luigi’s Mansion demo footage that was on loop on the Spaceworld 2000 show floor. It’s not a direct feed, so there’s some glare and reflection on the screen, but it’s far better than anything we had before. It’s pretty neat to see the ghosts playing cards, as we previously only had a blurry screenshot of that scene.┬áThe rest of the video contains clips that were shown off during a press conference, including a bit with a haunted GameCube controller.

Beyond the Luigi’s Mansion demo, this video also footage of some other key games shown at Spaceworld 2000. Highlights include Samus running down a tunnel in 3D and the famous Zelda tech demo fight featuring Link and Ganondorf.

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