What late 3DS game would you have rather seen on Switch?

Luigi's Mansion

Nintendo’s trusty little 3DS lasted a darn long time, receiving new games like Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn and Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story + Bowser Jr.’s Journey as recently as last year. It probably could have been laid to rest a bit earlier, though – some of those late 3DS games struggled heavily to find success on a handheld way past its prime. The 3DS’ feeble final gasps were so weak that Nintendo canceled a Fire Emblem series remake planned for the system, and low sales led to the demise of beloved developer AlphaDream. One has to imagine that several late 3DS games could have performed and sold better on the Switch. If you could take any of the 3DS’ swan songs and put them on Switch, which would you choose?

I want to see the Luigi’s Mansion port on Switch. The 3DS version was confusing at best – the clamshell system was not well-suited for the original’s control scheme, and its tight atmosphere and look are compromised on the 3DS with its tiny screen and meager resolution. A full HD remake on Switch, though? That would be a ton of fun, would maintain the sharpness of the original title, and, of course, would be available as both a home console experience and a portable game.

What late 3DS game would you have rather seen on Switch? The 3DS was quite successful, so there are truly a ton of possible answers.

Nick Pearson
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