Luigi’s Mansion 3 gets new co-op gameplay with developer commentary

Luigi's Mansion 3

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is less than two months away. As that Halloween release date gets closer and closer, Nintendo is slowly showing more and more of what lies in the cards for the game. So far, the game has looked charming, quirky, and creative as all heck–par for the course for the Luigi’s Mansion series. The new video below from the official Nintendo YouTube account shows off fourteen minutes of new co-op gameplay with developer commentary, so give it a watch and learn more about the game while admiring a healthy dose of puzzles, ghosts, and, of course, Gooigi and all of his coffee-flavored glory.

The developer commentary, courtesy of Luigi’s Mansion 3 Creative Director Bryce Holliday, offers some great insights on what sort of strategies and design theories went into every little oddity in the game. Holliday discussed plenty of the game’s cool little details, like the foleying involved with Gooigi’s slimy, splashy footsteps. More importantly (debatably–Gooigi is no joke), Holliday talked about some inspirations the game takes from Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon with its in-game collectibles and themed floors.

The co-op gameplay itself looks plenty of fun too. New ghosts (what did you think of those cute little red hammers?), all-out puzzles, and a total overflow of personality have this game at the top of my most-anticipated list for the rest of 2019. I have always imagined Luigi’s Mansion as a primarily single-player series (because, uh, it has been), but Dark Moon’s excellent multiplayer mode proved me wrong, and it looks like Luigi’s Mansion 3 is set to continue that trend.

Are you excited for Luigi’s Mansion 3? With Halloween season just about upon us, the game will be here before we know it, and will hopefully be a major piece of what is shaping up to be an incredible second half to the year from Nintendo.

Nick Pearson
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