Luigi is playable in Super Mario Bros. 35 with a secret controller input

playable Luigi Super Mario Bros. 35 battle royale Nintendo secret input L button star rank level 100

Super Mario Bros. 35 released at the start of this month, and it’s every bit the hectic, dangerous, casually ultra-murderous Nintendo battle royale experience people were expecting, if not even more so. Thirty-five Marios are running and jumping for their lives to be the last one standing, raising a lot of questions about the morality of interacting across alternate dimensions. However, it turns out that also Luigi is playable in Super Mario Bros. 35, if you do the right button input and are seemingly at a certain star rank.

Twitter user @CombotronRobot seems to be the first to discover playable Luigi in Super Mario Bros. 35. According to the user, you have to hold down the L button before you start a match — though the exact moment when it has to occur isn’t clear, so it’s safest to just hold the L button down indefinitely till the match begins. Additionally, there is speculation that you need to be at star rank, level 100+, for the change to Luigi in Super Mario Bros. 35 to work.

Obviously, this is early days for the discovery, so the exact science of grabbing Luigi isn’t clear quite yet. But this is a really cool discovery nonetheless, even if the difference between Mario and Luigi is just the color scheme on NES.


John Friscia
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