Luigi Breath of the Wild mod makes Luigi the Hero of Time now

Luigi Breath of the Wild mod The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild banan039 Master Sword Luigi Hero of Time

There is a certain hero clad in green who has saved the day time and again throughout the history of Nintendo’s myriad stellar video games, winning the adulation of whole generations. I am of course talking about Link. (Ha! See? You thought the joke would be that I’d say Luigi. Just call me a master of subversion.) But if you’re tired of being the Hero of Time with Link in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, why not try a different green hero? Modder banan039 has created a Luigi Breath of the Wild mod that allows you to roam around as Luigi and, yes, obtain the Master Sword. Behold the epic joy of that moment:

If you ignore the fact that Luigi accidentally stabs himself straight through the head multiple times with the Master Sword, this is a perfect mod experience. And the Luigi Breath of the Wild mod may be yours too if you have the technical know-how. The skin/character model is taken from Super Mario Odyssey and is applied to the Flamebreaker Armor. In addition to his normal color scheme, there is also a Fire Flower variant.

What do you think of Luigi as the Hero of Time? Will you be taking this Luigi Breath of the Wild mod for a spin? It sure sounds like the sort of thing that would play well, figuratively speaking, on Twitch.

And if you’re still in a Zelda mood, have a look at concept art for what was allegedly a canceled Retro Studios Zelda spin-off project.


John Friscia
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