Someone else you’ve never heard of has created a nice Pokémon 25 song

Louane Game Girl Pokémon 25: The Album music video Pikachu French Def Jam artist singer song

French singer and Island Def Jam recording artist Louane has released the music video for “Game Girl,” a song created exclusively for the upcoming Pokémon 25: The Album as part of the myriad festivities for the 25th anniversary of Pokémon. Louane wrote the song, with P3gase composing and producing and Josh Gudwin mixing. The song includes French and English lyrics, which I couldn’t be bothered to pay attention to in either language, but the song itself is really quite nice and catchy. Some of the styling for Louane in the “Game Girl” video feels oddly ’90s-ish too, so there may be an unconscious extra layer of retro here.

Pokémon was one of my earliest childhood memories!” said Louane, speaking about the experience of collaborating. “I fell in love with Ash at first sight! I didn’t hesitate at all when asked to join the P25 Music Program. It was really inspiring to have the opportunity to write a story based on what I experienced as a kid.” Louane is the latest Pokémon 25: The Album artist you’ve probably never heard of, as The Pokémon Company has been targeting an eclectic and global group of artists, including Mabel, Cyn, and Vince Staples. Katy Perry and Post Malone are on the album too though.

You can catch “Game Girl” from Louane and all those other musicians on Capitol Records’ Pokémon 25: The Album when it releases this fall.

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