Lost in Random release date set for September, card mechanic revealed

Lost in Random release date September 10, 2021 EA Electronic Arts Zoink Nintendo Switch card battle mechanic

Today at EA Play Live 2021, Electronic Arts and developer Zoink announced a September 10, 2021 release date for action adventure Lost in Random on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, in addition to revealing a previously unseen card combat mechanic that works in tandem with dice rolls. Creative Director Olov Redmalm shared details, saying cards can be selected during combat to unleash new powers and abilities like explosive dice, which turns anthropomorphic dice companion Dicey into a ticking time bomb. Alternatively, you can summon a giant hammer and the super strength to use it. Then there’s Uma’s Blessing, which provides a bubble shield. There are a lot of different powers at your disposal, even including traps. Rolling dice freezes time and allows you to use these cards with different effects.

As we’ve previously explained, Lost in Random is about two devoted sisters named Even and Odd who are “cruelly separated” by an evil queen and the roll of dice, and Even teams up with Dicey in an effort to get her sister back. There will be six realms in Random to explore, and “Cards are just a fun part of dice battle” amid all that. Check out the new Lost in Random gameplay trailer to see the card battle mechanics in action and to see that September release date set in stone. This is looking like a really solid EA Original title.

John Friscia
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