Lost Ember launch trailer showcases a grand animal adventure on Switch

Lost Ember Switch

Earlier this month, developer Mooneye Studios finally revealed the release date for Lost Ember on Nintendo Switch. Thankfully, fans didn’t have to wait long as the game launched yesterday, and the team has dropped the launch trailer to coincide with the release. This one shows off a good chunk of Lost Ember running on Switch.

Lost Ember is an exploration-based adventure where you play as a wolf. The twist is that said wolf can inhabit loads of other animals, allowing the player to take control of them. From there, it’s about exploring different parts of a world formerly inhabited by humans, finding out what happened and why they left.

The trailer makes Lost Ember look like a rather serene adventure. The art style mixes the animated with the realistic, and in my opinion it’s quite an appealing look. The way the player follows spirits towards ghostly human figures reminds me a little bit of Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture too, another adventure about exploring a place that humans have left behind.

The Switch footage makes it look like a solid port. The playable areas appear vast, so hopefully performance can keep up when things become fast-moving. The developer is insistent that the Switch version is up to par. “We were adamant that this Switch port captures all the wonder and delight of the other versions and we can’t wait for a whole new audience to uncover its mysteries,” said Tobias Graff, Mooneye Studios CEO and programmer.

Lost Ember is out now on Nintendo Switch.

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