Lords of Exile is a new action sidescroller with awesome Castlevania vibes

Lords of Exile Squidbit Works Castlevania Kickstarter CZAzuaga Azuaga

Retro sidescrolling ninja games are making an awesome renaissance, but there’s no need to stop there! There are plenty of other beloved classic platforming sidescrollers we can tap into — such as Castlevania. Along those lines, solo Spanish developer CZAzuaga has established a formal development studio, Squidbit Works, in order to introduce his new game, Lords of Exile. It looks to be loaded with classic Konami Castlevania vibes in the best way, feeling like a natural continuation of what Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon began. The game is currently slated for “PC and consoles” for 2020 release, and it shall be headed to Kickstarter for additional funding in the near future.

The game has no trailer yet, but it’s been in development for a couple years and plenty of attractive GIFs and screenshots have been released to set the scene.

Lords of Exile Squidbit Works Castlevania Kickstarter CZAzuaga CZ Azuaga

Lords of Exile Squidbit Works Castlevania Kickstarter CZAzuaga Azuaga

Lords of Exile Squidbit Works Castlevania Kickstarter CZAzuaga Azuaga

Lords of Exile is an exciting debut for Squidbit Works

Lords of Exile is set in the suffering lands of Exilia, and “Only a heart thirsty for blood and revenge can return hope and defeat darkness.” As such, you play as Gabriel, a cursed warrior compelled solely by revenge and bloodlust. Basically, he sounds like the life of the party.

In terms of gameplay features, Squidbit Works is promising the responsiveness of controls that is expected of modern games, but presented with polished 8-bit graphics inspired by early ’90s Japanese animation. Like a Castlevania protagonist, Gabriel will enjoy a mix of melee combat and throwing weapons, with the added ability to dash. He will also have three “powers of the shadows,” which sound awesome even though I have no idea what they are. Ultimately, Lords of Exile is promising eight levels of high-intensity action.

And if you’re a fan of the chunky sound of Sega Genesis / Mega Drive, you’ll be pleased to know Lords of Exile uses that console’s sound chip and some added anime flavor to create the sound effects and soundtrack. A sample is available.

This is everything we know about the title for now, but stay tuned for updates for when this title lands on Kickstarter. I’ve been following the development of Lords of Exile on Twitter for a while now, and it’s been quite fun to watch. CZAzuaga regularly polls the audience about what they like, so if you appreciate a developer who keeps the fans involved, give him a follow, especially if you like 8-bit Gothic action.


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