Tommy is evil Lord Drakkon in Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid trailer

Lord Drakkon Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid Nintendo Switch spring 2019

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid has a new trailer, and it showcases the evil Lord Drakkon. An accompanying press release also reveals that, in the new game, players will be able to “Pit current and classic Rangers and villains like never before in 3 vs. 3 tag battles,” including over the internet.

Lord Drakkon is a character recently invented in the (pretty cool) comic book, and he is Tommy Oliver from an alternate universe who continued down the path of evil even after breaking free of Rita’s control. Eventually, Drakkon took control of the earth (in his dimension) and some Power Rangers outright died in the conflict to stop him. It’s a great piece of fan service to see him prominently featured in this new game.

Developer nWay says that Drakkon will be a mobile fighter with beginner-friendly combos, but he will also have “several advanced techniques players can learn in order to optimize his attack sequences and combos.”

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid comes out this spring, and I really, really hope it’s good. I can never have too much high-quality Power Rangers in my life. Let us know if you feel the same, and let us know how you feel about an evil Tommy walking around.


John Friscia
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