LOOP8 announced in Japan as a school setting RPG for Nintendo Switch

LOOP8 announced in Japan as a school setting RPG for Nintendo Switch

Today, marvelous revealed a new school setting RPG called LOOP8 for the Nintendo Switch in the Japanese Direct presentation. We still don’t know much about the game other than the choices that you make will change the future in this game, so it sounds like it’ll have a mix of adventure game and RPG elements with 3D characters and gameplay.

There’s still a lot of mystery behind the title, but the part about making choices that can change the future sounds like any other visual novel-style game or adventure game, but LOOP8 seems to mean it more in a Steins;Gate time-looping way than anything.

Marvelous describes it as a “juvenile RPG” in Japanese, which essentially means an RPG featuring youth in a school setting. Think of the Persona games by Atlus or 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim, which involves plenty of RPG battles blended with school elements for the storytelling parts. With that being said, it appears that character relationships play a big role in Marvelous’ new game. The choices that you make not only affect the future but also various relationships with the characters you meet.

Watch the LOOP8 announcement trailer below:

LOOP8 will be available in Japan for the Nintendo Switch in 2022. We didn’t get any further details about the release, but we can expect to hear more from Marvelous in the coming months.