Lonely Mountains: Downhill is a post-apocalyptic Fury Ride in season 4

Lonely Mountains: Downhill season 4 wasteland fury ride downhill daily

Megagon Industries and Thunderful have revealed what’s coming to Lonely Mountains: Downhill in season 4, “Fury Ride.” The new content is building out the game’s Daily Rides mode, which rotates biking challenges each and every day. Fury Ride adds a bit of a twist to Lonely Mountains: Downhill by introducing a post-apocalyptic theme, which might be a little different to what you typically see from this game.

Its sandy locales and treacherous routes feature some remaining signs of the apocalypse, making it look like a cartoon Mad Max of sorts.  Fury Ride will rotate courses each day throughout the season.

The theme extends to what you can earn here too. There are some new outfits available for your rider, alongside a new bike paint job to fit the post-apocalyptic style. These will be available to earn throughout the Daily Rides season and include a Prepper outfit, a Hazmat suit, and the Wastelander kit, among others.

If you’ve not checked out Daily Rides yet, it’s Downhill‘s way to keep you playing. The challenge mode features cross-platform leaderboards to compete on across its randomly selected daily courses. The game itself dropped last May for Switch, and we really enjoyed it at launch. The season 4 Fury Ride content goes live in Lonely Mountains: Downhill today, Jan. 25.

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