Logan Paul spent $3.5 million on Pokémon cards, but, oops, they’re fake

Logan Paul fake sealed case box Pokémon cards scam scammed $3.5 million G.I. Joe BBCE Baseball Card Exchange authentification

There are two perspectives on celebrity influencers. Either you like them, or you’re baffled that they even exist and that anyone is willing to legitimize them. You can take a guess which side of that fence we often fall on. Nonetheless, famous and wealthy YouTuber Logan Paul has uploaded a video admitting that he was scammed for $3.5 million on fake Pokémon cards. In fact, the video documents the exact moment that he and his crew discovered they had been scammed.

Last year, Logan Paul purchased a sealed case of unopened first edition Pokémon cards that had been authenticated by the Baseball Card Exchange (BBCE) for a mind-boggling $3.5 million. However, after so much speculation that the case may have been fake, Paul decided to record the BBCE essentially authenticating the case a second time. Logan Paul and the head of BBCE ultimately just opened the case, and they determined that Pokémon card boxes inside were fake. Adding insult to injury, they opened a box to discover G.I. Joe cards, which is kind of hilarious. As the video speculates, this is likely the biggest fraud ever perpetrated around Pokémon, which oddly enough would really be saying something.

Paul attempts to stay positive about the situation following the revelation, which is probably easier to do when you’re already so rich that a $3.5 million loss is just something you can eat casually. However, it turns out that the person from whom he bought the cards subsequently refunded him, which is nice, but now that person has to try to get his money back for the millions that he had spent. I really, really wish I had problems like this.

All jokes aside, Logan Paul doesn’t seem like a bad person; there was that weird, desperate TikTok a while back that made him look like a pretty decent dude, all things considered. There are much worse people ruining the internet.

What do you think of Logan Paul spending $3.5 million on sealed Pokémon cards that turned out to be fake? And should they have been more excited to discover the G.I. Joe cards?

John Friscia
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