Live A Live HD-2D remaster hits Switch in July from Square Enix

Live A Live HD-2D remaster Square Enix JRPG RPG classic release date July 7, 2022

Let’s see if I can make my fingers work long enough to write this and not hyperventilate so hard that I pass out: Square Enix has announced that an HD-2D remaster of Live A Live is coming to Nintendo Switch with a release date of July 22, 2022. We have covered this game extensively in the past, and we are the people who broke the story that Square Enix had filed a US trademark for the game. The game was developed by Takashi Tokita for Super Famicom and never left Japan.

It is extraordinary and wonderful that an HD-2D remaster of Live A Live is coming to Nintendo Switch — and with a not-so-distant July release date. The game is retailing for a hefty $49.99 too, which means Square Enix is treating this as a major Octopath Traveler-like project, not a Romancing SaGa 3-scale remaster. Here is official PR about the game, plus its announcement trailer:

Previously unreleased outside of Japan, the RPG game LIVE A LIVE is releasing on the Nintendo Switch system in the HD-2D style! Seven different stories featuring different protagonists, time periods and gameplay styles await. In the Wild West, a wanderer with a bounty on his head fights for his life. In the Twilight of Edo Japan, a shinobi undertakes a secret mission. Experience these tales in any order you choose – the adventure is yours to control. A journey of discovery awaits you when LIVE A LIVE launches for Nintendo Switch on July 22.

John Friscia
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