Live A Live characters trailer showcases its 8 heroes from different eras

Live A Live characters trailer 8 heroes protagonists character Square Enix Pogo Oboromaru Master Sundown Kid Masaru Takahara Akira Cube Oersted

Square Enix announced an HD-2D remaster of Super Famicom cult classic Live A Live for Nintendo Switch at the Nintendo Direct, and it is the first time the game will receive an official English release. The game is receiving an incredible limited edition with a board game in Japan, and while the West probably won’t receive that, we’re still getting a retail release published by Nintendo. That means Nintendo is going to be heavily pushing the game, and today, we have a Live A Live characters trailer highlighting the eight protagonists from different time periods.

It’s not an in-depth breakdown, as the characters trailer isn’t even two minutes long, but it’s enough to whet your appetite for Live A Live if you’ve never experienced it. I’ll fill in the blanks for you. First, there is caveman Pogo in the prehistory episode, which tells a whole story through emoting and symbols because sophisticated language has not evolved yet. In Imperial China, the Master seeks a disciple to carry on his teachings. In Edo Japan, ninja Oboromaru must infiltrate a “deadly castle,” and in the original release you basically had the option to avoid all conflict or kill everybody. In the Wild West, the Sundown Kid helps defend a town from dangerous outlaws. (Helpful spoiler: You can run away from fighting Mad Dog.)

In the modern day, Masaru Takahara goes on a quest to become the world’s strongest fighter, and the entire thing is structured like Street Fighter II (which is amazing considering Yoko Shimomura composed the soundtrack for both games). In the near future, Akira uses his psychic powers to “defy maniacal madmen.” In the distant future, the robot Cube (who is actually spherical) engages in an outer space horror mystery that basically becomes Alien. And finally, Oersted goes on a quest in the Middle Ages to defeat the Lord of Dark, but things don’t quite go according to plan.

Live A Live has really memorable, colorful characters placed in extremely different situations, as this trailer and hopefully my descriptions reflect. The release of this game is basically the greatest news in the world to me, so I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I suspect I will. Live A Live arrives on Switch on July 22.


John Friscia
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