Littlewood, serene Animal Crossing-like game, heads to Switch

Littlewood for Nintendo Switch Sean Young Animal Crossing Runescape Dark Cloud

Littlewood is an upcoming game inspired by Animal CrossingDark Cloud, and Runescape, and it recently saw some great success on Kickstarter. Now, per a tweet from one-man developer Sean Young, it’s officially headed to Nintendo Switch.

The clever gimmick of Littlewood is that the game begins after you have already defeated the evil Dark Wizard who was threatening the world. However, you don’t remember how you did it or the price you paid for it. So the game is just about living a peaceful life while also piecing together clues of what happened.

The visuals in the game are very basic yet also incredibly serene thanks to the vivid color palette. That’s my favorite thing about the game so far. However, players will get to do all the typical stuff associated with town simulation games, like harvesting, crafting, and making friends.

Check out the reveal trailer below if you haven’t seen it before, and let us know if you think you might pick it up whenever it releases! Kickstarter has been giving us a lot of cool Switch projects lately.


John Friscia
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