Little Witch in the Woods gets a trailer showing more of its beautiful world


South Korean developer Sunny Side Up has released a brand new trailer for its upcoming game, Little Witch in the Woods. The trailer doesn’t seem to be a marketing tool to convey anything else. In fact, the video’s title is simply “July 2020.” Clearly Sunny Side Up just wanted us to keep the game in mind as we head into the second half of 2020, though the game isn’t due until some time in 2021. Make sure you watch it right until the end for an incredibly cute clip of some in-game cat friends.

Little Witch in the Woods is a life simulator similar to Stardew Valley. Players take on the role of a magical apprentice named Ellie. Over the course of the game you’ll be gathering ingredients to make potions, studying magical creatures, and trying to understand the side effects of consuming local plants.

Ellie was the valedictorian of her class and wanted more from her first placement than the tiny shack in the small forest that she now finds herself in, but she quickly learns that things are not as they seem. While details on the game’s story are scarce, it seems likely that players will need to help the locals by gathering ingredients, providing potions, and using Ellie’s magic to solve whatever problems they’re having. Developing the village will be a major component of the game.

Fans of Stardew Valley or maybe¬†Harry Potter should immediately fall in love with this game. We’ll bring you more details on it as they emerge over the next year.


Jamie Sharp
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