What’s a “hidden gem” that you have discovered on Switch?

Little Triangle

The Switch is absolutely loaded with games, including its vast eShop catalog. Thanks in part to a staggering volume of low quality releases flooding the eShop on a daily basis, it can be very challenging, if not effectively impossible for every great game to establish itself and garner its deserved following on the platform. What are some “hidden gems” that you have discovered on Switch, eShop or otherwise, that flew under the radar?

I can give several answers to this question. I’ll start us off with a handful of intriguing local multiplayer titles that I still like to revisit regularly today – Little Triangle, Inversus, and Retimed. Little Triangle is a platformer that boasts a challenging single-player adventure with a few dozen well-designed missions, tight gameplay, and an addictive multiplayer mode that expertly channels Duck Game. Inversus is a fast-paced, visually pleasing, minimalistic top-down multiplayer shooter where the goal is to strategically place your shots so as to control territory and hit your opponent. Finally, Retimed is another Duck Game-style experience where bullets that get too close to an enemy player trigger Max Payne-esque slowdown, creating exciting opportunities to dodge would-be fatal shots.

There are plenty of other Switch hidden gems I could spotlight, and in time, I’m sure I’ll do just that. Now, it’s your turn. What are some Switch hidden gems that you have discovered?


Nick Pearson
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