An additional terrifying tale: Little Nightmares II announced for Switch

Little Nightmares II

It’s the first day of Gamescom 2019. Therefore, there is a bevy of video game announcements! What can top Idris Elba in a basketball game, though? A sequel to one of the most intriguing IPs of recent years. Little Nightmares II is real and headed to Switch sometime in 2020.

Little Nightmares II: An abundance of TVs

Here is the announcement trailer for Little Nightmares II:

A television on a beach. The scariest teacher I’ve seen with a ruler. In addition, the most horrifying thing of all: escort missions! Although, the other child running around could be a co-op partner. That has nightmarish implications in its own right.

Little Nightmares II looks more open than the original. Mono, the protagonist from the first title, is not just traversing a ship. Based on the images of schools and hospitals, it looks like the sequel will weave between indoor and outdoor environments. Color me intrigued! Now I just have to purchase Little Nightmares: Complete Edition on Switch to prepare.

You’ll be able to snag Little Nightmares II when it launches worldwide in 2020, at retail or through the eShop. Are any fellow Enthusiasts eager to continue Mono’s journey? Let us know in the comment field below.


Arthur Damian
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