Little Inferno Aiming for Wii U Launch

The developers of World of Goo, suggest their latest title could launch alongside Nintendos new box of tricks…

NL: Are you planning any features exclusive to Wii U?

Gray: We’re tinkering with some features, but one thing we know for certain is that it will be the only version to exclusively have a Wii U logo.

NL: Are there any multiplayer or community features planned?

Gabler: We\’re planning to offer local cooperative multiplayer, like World of Goo. Fire is more fun with friends, kids!

NL: Do you have any interest in developing for 3DS?

Gray: It seems like it could be a good fit, but we won’t know until we have some time to tinker with it.

NL: Are you hoping to launch alongside the Wii U?

Gray: We’re planning on releasing Wii U, Windows, Mac and Linux versions when the Wii U launches.