Little Devil Inside, Kickstarted for Wii U, will come to Switch instead after Sony exclusivity

Little Devil Inside Nintendo Switch release Neostream Interactive Kickstarter Wii U Sony PlayStation 5 PlayStation 4 PS5

Little Devil Inside has been a long time coming. It was initially funded on Kickstarter for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U, and Steam back in 2015. It received updates here and there for years since, but it surprised many when it resurfaced at Sony’s PlayStation 5 games showcase — now a timed console exclusive on Sony platforms. That made a lot of Kickstarter backers not happy, and understandably so. However, while it’s completely obvious that Little Devil Inside will not be coming to Wii U anymore, it apparently will be coming to Nintendo Switch instead.

An update at developer Neostream Interactive’s website displays logos for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Seemingly nothing else has been stated beyond that. So Little Devil Inside will most definitely release on PC and Sony platforms first, but eventually it will make its way to Switch and Xbox One.

However, what Little Devil Inside actually is as a game has never been easy to pin down; it’s strikingly unique in its presentation. The Kickstarter way back when described the game as “a truly engaging 3D action adventure RPG game where you are thrown into a surreal but somewhat familiar setting with humans, creatures and monsters to interact with, learn and hunt – journey, survive and discover the world that exists beyond.” The emphasis isn’t just on combat but on simply trying to live a normal life in an abnormal world.

Hopefully it will be worth the wait — and it will be quite a wait on Nintendo Switch.


John Friscia
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