A matter of trust: Nintendo Switch Lite leaker turned out to be right all along


The Nintendo Switch Lite is real and coming to the gaming population in a little over a month. We have opinions on the device but it’s nice to have options, for me, at least. Before the Lite’s official unveiling, the internet was burning up with rumors and leaks regarding its design. However, one particular spoiler among the multitude of fakes turned out to right on the money.

A legit picture of the Lite from months ago

Back in April, Twitter user @PiranhaCapital gave the world a glimpse of the upcoming Nintendo Switch Lite:

Of course, people gave @PiranhaCapital a lot of crap over their picture. Many thought it was fake and doubted their word. Well, who is laughing now, fools?!

@PiranhaCapital was super accurate with their post. The color and dimensions are spot-on. Granted, the Nintendo Switch Lite probably doesn’t create sparkly rainbow filters, but I digress. It’s still impressive to be correct months ahead of an official reveal.

Enthusiasts, are you impressed with the accuracy of @PiranhaCapital’s prediction? Do you think they are basking in the new comments on their post congratulating them on speaking the truth? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section down below.

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