Link’s Awakening remake shines in graphics comparison video

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The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening is near and dear to many gamers who grew up with a Game Boy. It was the first full Zelda game available on the go, and it left a strong impression on many who experienced it, despite its simple graphics. The classic handheld adventure will soon be available to a whole new generation of excited players. Nintendo has commissioned Zelda development veterans Grezzo to create a Link’s Awakening remake as a Nintendo Switch title.

Grezzo is remaking Koholint Island with an almost identical layout, but an all-new visual style. The Link’s Awakening remake has a toy-like aesthetic, with just a hint of clay. The world feels like a giant diorama! On top of that, everything is much more detailed and vibrant than before. The original game was greatly limited by the Game Boy hardware, but Koholint can really shine on Switch’s HD screen.

Link’s Awakening remake: new graphics

So just how much do these graphics changes enhance the experience? Nintendo World Report recently put together a comparison video so you can judge for yourself. The video shows off two versions of the Tail Cave dungeon side by side. You can check it out by clicking below!


Overall, I’d say Grezzo has done a remarkable job at staying faithful to the original while also putting their own spin on things. The graphics are utterly charming, and they’re perfectly suited to the game’s dream-like setting. The Link’s Awakening remake should appeal to longtime fans and newcomers alike. You can get your hands on it when it launches on September 20, 2019.

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