Link’s Awakening Red Mail & Blue Mail: How to get them faster

Link's Awakening Red Mail Blue Mail guide how to get

Just like The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX on Game Boy Color, Link’s Awakening for Switch allows Link to discover the Red Mail and Blue Mail to equip in lieu of his Green Tunic. And the details on how to obtain them are almost the same! In fact, with this quick guide, you can skip most of the hard work altogether and grab the Red Mail or Blue Mail sooner.

The intended method is to go to the Mabe Village Library, where there is a book out of reach on top of a bookcase. If you use the Pegasus Boots to ram into the bookcase, the book will fall down so you can read it. Inside, it tells you to go to the Cemetery and push certain gravestones in specific directions in a specific order. Here is the clue:

Link's Awakening Red Mail Blue Mail guide how to get

If you count gravestones, you’ll realize it is the lower-right quadrant of gravestones in the Cemetery that you must push. If you push the gravestones correctly, it will reveal a staircase to the Color Dungeon. In fact, you do not need to read the book at the Village Library in order for it to work! Here is what the gravestones should look like:

Cemetery Link's Awakening guide Color Dungeon
If you push the gravestones like this, the secret path will open. You DO NOT need to read the book first!

The Color Dungeon was specially added for Link’s Awakening DX to house the Red Mail and Blue Mail. It’s not overly difficult on the default difficulty, but you will need a good amount of Magic Powder to defeat one of its mini-bosses. The fight will be easier if you visit the Li’l Devil hidden under the rock in the Mysterious Forest first, as it will double your Magic Powder capacity from 20 to 40.

In any case, once you reach the end of the Color Dungeon, you will meet the Fairy Queen, who will offer you a choice of Red Mail or Blue Mail. The Red Mail will increase the damage you deal, whereas the Blue Mail will halve the damage you receive. Whichever mail you choose, you can return to the Fairy Queen later to select the other option or even go back to your Green Tunic.

Red Mail Blue Mail Green Tunic Color Dungeon

On the default difficulty, the game is easy enough that selecting Red Mail is recommended. On Hero Mode, however, you might consider taking the Blue Mail instead, to soften harsh enemy blows.

We hope this short The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening guide helped you! For more tips, check out our trading quest guide, which will help you get rid of those Bananas and score you the Magnifying Lens.

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