A Link Between Worlds Brings Forth Gameplay Not Previously Experienced in the Zelda Franchise

Speaking with ONM, Eiji Aonuma explained that he didn\’t want to release a remake of A Link to the Past as he wanted to bring about new ideas to the franchise. In fact, it was apparently Mr. Miyamoto’s idea of creating a 3D version of ALttP.

Aonuma: \”Using the 3D effect on Nintendo 3DS and making the two-dimensional A Link To The Past playable in 3D was kind of an assignment that Mr Miyamoto had given me after the release of Nintendo 3DS,\”

\”However, I wanted to do more than just that. My main reason for wanting to do it was because this game is perfect for the part where Link turns into a drawing and moves along the walls.\”

Aonuma is hoping to capture fans with what he believes is the one of the main draws to series: new gameplay opportunities.


\”The 3D effects are this title’s biggest addition in terms of the hardware’s performance and features,\” added Aonuma. \”However, we have also introduced gameplay that never existed on previous Zelda games. Players who have become used to the series and who are expecting things to work a certain way will probably be very surprised, so I hope that they look forward to this.\”

Omar T