Link Sneaks Up on Olimar in Today’s Smash Bros. Update

Albeit not the most effective approach, Link is nonetheless fearless as he jumps from beyond the ledge, hurtling toward a clueless Captain Olimar in today’s official Super Smash Bros. website update, which nabs a screenshot from the 3DS version of the new installment.

As much as Link may seem to be in a weird position, it is nothing more than part of his second jump, in which he does a spinning twist (as he has since Smash Bros. began). It seems as if he is simple jumping from off stage onto the stage and not necessarily jumping from the ledge. Then again, it is somewhat hard to tell based on the angle.

On the 3DS, it seems like Olimar’s helmet is the only part of his model that doesn\’t get the outline as the rest of his body does. There’s also a significant lack of any Pikmin in this screenshot. What is Olimar without his Pikmin? Well, not very much (hell, he can\’t use many of his attacks without at least one). Hopefully the limitations of the 3DS do not result in a conflict with the amount of Pikmin Olimar can have out at a time.

As Olimar is considered one of the best characters in Brawl right now, it\’ll be interesting to see if Olimar is changed at all for Smash 4. Link could probably use changes more than Olimar, though, considering how unimpressive he is in Brawl.

Dakota Lasky