Link fully exposed in Breath of the Wild art book

If you needed another reason to buy the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild art book, we’ve got one for you. First of all, how many reasons do you need? The quality of the concept art in this book is insane. Secondly, if you ever wanted to know if Link looked like a Ken doll, ya know…down there, then this book is for you.

Legend of Zelda Link has lost his tunic

Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Artbook Link Exposed Creating A Champion Hero Edition
The image in question

That is right, there’s no green here. Link is fully out and bare in this concept art for his design in the Creating a Champion Hero Edition of the book. Really proving that he is worthy of the Triforce of Courage, I’m of course talking about the fact that he is fully nude. Thanks to Reddit user Owlero for gracing us with this knowledge. Now in all seriousness, this is pretty common for concept art. Honestly, it’s common for anyone trying to create characters.

How did this make it in?

Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Artbook Link Exposed Creating A Champion Hero Edition
The entire art book collection

It’s standard practice for any artist to start with the line of action, then a wireframe, then basic shapes, and finally to build on those basic shapes and draw the anatomy. After that, you’re left with a fully “nude” version of your character to then draw clothes on top of.

But, while this art makes sense, it’s insane that Nintendo of all companies chose to include it in the art book. With all the content cut from the actual game itself, I’m just purely surprised they kept this in.

What are your thoughts? Is this purely hilarious or a bit much for a franchise aimed at kids? Personally, I think it’s hilarious and totally fine. And don’t worry, Reddit users have already started using cast shadows and proportions provided here to do the math. So I’m sure we’ll know the exact…specifications fo Link’s anatomy soon enough. Sorry, childhood.

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